Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tomato Time!

Thursday was the grafting workshop, put on by Amy and Alex of Oregon State Extension/Small Farms, at GTF ( in Philomath.  They have been perfecting their tomato grafting system for several years now and have it down to a science, from scion stock to equipment.  The workshop was fabulous; I learned tons, including the main thing, which was to leave grafting to the people who know what they are doing and have the proper equipment to insure success!  No, seriously, I think I could do it on the small scale that I need with good success.  I'm really excited about the prospect of grafted melons tho - just don't have great luck up here with our very short and cool season, so any help with that would be great.

In the meantime, Saturday I spent a bit of time getting the newly grafted 'Purple Cherokee' and 'Black Krim' plants into the bed and set for the season.  Also have two each 'Brandywine' and 'Kellogg's Breakfast' from seed started and almost ready to go into the ground.  Should be an interesting contrast to last season with the grafted 'Brandywine' drowning us in tomatoes.

Big plant is 'Black Krim', little one 'Purple Cherokee', a bit younger than 'Krim'

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