Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stump Grinders

Just before Herb's Bend on Park is Sybil's Stump, so named because she deemed it necessary to jump up on every time she went by it.  Sometimes momma Cricket joins her, but Gem the BC isn't so keen on getting up there.  Dale gently convinced her it was okay, so she joined her gal pals up there yesterday.  Cricket had a bit of a bump (okay, a SCARY bit of a bump) on the way down; you can see a small stump sticking up in front of the big stump.  She hit that, chest-first, on the way down after a mid-air collision with Gem.  She's a bit sore today, but pretty much okay

Sybil easily leaps up

She surveys the surrounding area, checking for anything that might need to be chased and/or killed

And then leaps lightly down again

Dale and Hoke convince Gem the BC it's okay

Cricket pops up, while Dale helps Gem again (you can't see her but she's behind Dale)

The girls, Dale and Hoke.  The stump Cricket is about to become familiar with is directly below her

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