Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stick Up Artist

This morning, I was doing the daily nose count when I saw something odd going on with Ruffie.  She had her butt pointed towards me, and I could see a light coloured something that appeared to be hanging down behind her.  A moment of panic - she's not due until early August - then I got the binoc's out and saw that she appeared to just be straddling a limb that had fallen.  The cows love to use the fallen limbs off the ancient oaks as scratching posts, but then she started to walk, and I realized that the stick was somehow attatched to her!  I called Dale for help, and we went out and tried to untangle it from her tail, which didn't exactly make her too happy, as it was whacking her under the belly every time Dale tried to untwist it.  He finally got a coupla turns on it as Ruffie was pelting over the pasture and she kicked it free.  Funny what those cows will get into, left to their own devices!

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