Monday, May 28, 2012

SoCal Comes to Oregon

Our best, long time pals from Escondido (just north of San Diego) John and Jane drove up for the weekend to visit and pick up the car hauler and generally decompress and have a great time.  It was awesome getting together again for the first time in nearly 3 years!  On Saturday, we spent the day winery-hopping, starting close to home at Pfeiffer in Junction City, then tooling down to La Velle in Elmira, hitting King Estate in the Lorane Valley for a light repast and finally our fave, Sweet Cheeks just a bit up the road from King Estate.  It was a great day, with Dale being our driver and John along for the ride and rootbeer floats at Hillbilly Coffee in Veneta.  Sunday we just hung out at the ranch, playing poker, catching up and just relaxing.  This morning we saw them off back home with the Sloan Qwik-Load car hauler.  Dale originally bought that trailer to haul first the Pinto, then the Corvette Z06 and Viper to the autocrosses down in San Diego.  John and Jane actually used it to haul the Viper up here for us when we moved.  We then sold it to John and Jane to haul their Z06 to the races until they stopped racing, whereupon we bought it BACK from them to use on the ranch.  Only, it proved to be unable to safely haul the Kubota L5030 tractor, so we used it primarily for hauling long stuff, like big timber, gates and panels.  Now that we have Really Big Red, we're upgrading to a long gooseneck trailer that will haul the tractor, so John and Jane once again bought it back from us to haul John's new Mustang GT to the races.  That trailer sure does get around on the west coast.

It was sad to see them go after such a short visit, but hopefully one day they'll be able to come up and spend some serious time at the ranch.  And at the local wineries.  We didn't even put a scratch in the winery list on Saturday.

Dale, Jane and John at Pfeiffer

King Estate

King Estate

King Estate.  The yellow is the scourge of the Northwest, Scotch Broom.  A pox upon the misguided cretin who thought it 'pretty' and hoped that cattle would find it palatable (they don't)

Dale and John at King Estate, Jellybean in the background

Jane bought a print of this one at Sweet Cheeks.  Did I mention she's a cat person?  Oh yeah, her jacket's not open enough to see her shirt

The view from Sweet Cheeks

Jane and Ho Dog in front of the poo flinger

Just Big, haulin' the trailer back home to SoCal

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