Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Should Have Been

Today, our little man Gizmo would have been 15 years old, and we have no doubt that he would have been just as ornery and demanding as he was from the moment we brought him home.  Dale even mentioned today that he, just as I, still looks at Gizmo's couch, expecting to see him peek over his bed and see if there was anything going on that he needed to supervise or eat.

Hard to believe that tomorrow marks 6 months to the day that the great horned owl swept him away into the icy darkness, 2 days before Christmas.  My pal Bonnie found this bottle of wine for me, and in between rain showers I dashed out for a final birthday picture in front of the birthday bush.  The Papillon pictured looks so very much like him as a puppy it hurts.  Bonnie says the wine is pretty darn good, so we might just tip a glass to the little old man tonite

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