Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Open Barn Project

The open barn project is mostly finished, just in time to do the big spring cleanout.  The idea was to take a big chunk of the side of the feederbunk off on the south side so that instead of trying to back and fill the tractor in such a tight space between the bunks and the centre fenceline, now we could simply drive right in and scoop as we go.  So Dale re-framed a big section of tin, cut it, built a pallet stand for it, and we pulled it out.  Took several in and out cycles to get everything lined up right and trimmed out so that it works properly, but now we'll be able to do the cleanout with much less fuss.  And, Roar of course thought it was all good fun to watch, so at least we kept him amused.

From the north side, looking out the new hole in the south side

Roar supervises

He and Dale discussing some details

Dale welds up one of the panels we'll be using to keep the damn sheep out

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