Sunday, May 20, 2012

May - A Month of Contrasts

Up here, you never know where May will take you.  From record-setting 90+ degree days to just above freezing to torrential downpours.  This May, we have had our first 80 degree day here at the ranch (last Saturday) along with near freezing mornings that had me taking down the begonias and other tender plants and putting them back in the greenhouse.  Along with the temps, we are looking at our fourth-longest dry spell for May - 17 days in a row - broken up today by the return of some wetness.  But everywhere you go, colour greets you, from brilliant rhodies and azaeleas to pastel lilacs and wildflowers, the Pacific Northwest is ablaze with colour set against every shade of green imaginable, from trees to grass seed and hay fields

The xeric garden on the west side of the house.  Blue oat grass, lavender and 'Miss Kim' lilac enjoy a bit of late afternoon dappled shade

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