Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haulin' Sheep

It was a fine, fine day for a long, LONG drive down to Sprague River - almost in California - to pick up a load of lambs.  So, my sheep buddy Romella put the shell on her own Really Big (but not quite as big as our Really Big Red) Red, we loaded up our coffee cups, and her, her little Schipperke Tango and I headed southeast early Monday morning.  Several hours later, we loaded the last lamb into the back of the truck and headed back.  Inbetween was a lot of scenery, some of it stunning, some it (for me) not so and much fine conversation.  At the end, we got the lambs all vaccinated and bedded down for the night in Romella's barn.  One fine surprise was finding that her daughter Mercedes' ewe lamb had a healthy baby daughter waiting for us when we returned, so I joked that Romella got 6 lambs for the price of 5 - a deal indeed.

The lambs she bought are East Friesian/Lacaune cross dairy sheep lambs. Romella has just started getting into making her own cheese, and after buying goat milk (at a hefty per-gallon price), she decided since she has sheep ranching in her blood and bloodlines and already has sheep, it was a good thing to aquire her own milk sheep and go that route.  I cannot wait to taste the fruits of her labours next fall!

One way to display your outdated farm tools - very cool!

The East Friesian/Lacaune cross ewes and their lambs

The sire of the lambs

Sire and his pals including the llama that was giving Tango the Schipperke and I the evil eye the entire time

Odell Lake, Red Butte (leftmost), Diamond Peak (snow-covered grouping to the right)

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  1. I once had someone tell me that The Best Thing to add to coffee was sheeps milk. And that the only drawback to dairy sheep is that the ewes dry up after 6 months. So no more fresh milk for the coffee.
    All those nekked sheep tails crack me up.