Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome Little Zazu!

On an absolutely gorgeous, mid spring day yesterday that saw us reach a sizzling 67 degrees, Sapphire did her mommy thing at a very considerate 2 pm, and produced little Zazu, a darling dun heifer calf who tipped the scales at a whopping 56 pounds.  Just cute as a button of course, and full of herself.  Daddy Roar wandered over to check her out, then as usual, lost interest and wandered off to find a shady spot, since there were no women in need of his services around.

I know that those of you who know are thinking that Zazu was a guy bird who was kinda funny in his role as 'advisor' to Mufasa in 'Lion King', and you'd be right, but it just seemed to fit, and being a 'Z' year for names, I kinda went with it.  Today, another awesome day, second day without rain in a row and finally hitting the 70 degree mark, mom and daughter are doing fine, both enjoying the sunshine and mom the fresh, luscious green grass

 Early Sunday morning, playing in the dewy grass

Posing pretty

Seeing if what mom's eating is tasty.  I'm guessing not as much as mom's milk

Sapphire is an excellent mom for a first timer, tons of milk (thanks to her momma Moon) and great mothering skills

Shy in the grass

A few hours after birth, Zazu was a bit shaky on her legs, so Jan and I put mom in the chute and helped Zazu nurse a bit.  She had nursed a bit right after she was born, and her legs will straighten themselves out, but we wanted to make sure she had a really full belly in the meantime

An hour old

First time up on her pins

Minutes old

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