Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring has Finally Sprung

Sometimes, it just takes awhile up here for Mother Nature to remember that it's technically been spring for an entire month.  But when she does remember, she rewards us richly.  The past two days have seen temperatures reaching into the 70's down in the valley and today, for the first time this year, right here at the ranch.  Trees are leafing out and blooming, bulbs are bursting out all over, the grass is growing, growing, growing, the lambs are frolicking in the warm sunshine and the sky is the bluest blue you've ever seen.

Yep, it's good to have a reminder than while the rainy season is not yet over - Memorial Day is the traditional end to the rainy season here - we do get some nice days to enjoy working outside every once in awhile.

The gap to the left of the flagpole should look like the right side of the pole does - crammed full of yellow and red tulips.  And directly behind the flagpole there should be a shimmering wall of Dutch iris.  However, the voles took care of the bulbs before they ever got going.  I did feed them a very special treat; hope they enjoyed it as much as they enjoyed my bulbs, but probably not, at least not shortly after they ate it

Ho Dog poses in the lush spring grass and flowers in front of the homestead, with the blooming crabapple and ultra blue skies

Clusiana 'Lady Jane' species tulips.  They look like peppermint candies

The sad gap

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  1. You have the sun, and we're having the gray and drizzle down here. The snails are very happy. I'm thinking of taking up snail ranching. :0