Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Memory of Jake

Morgan Rivers Jackadymonds


17 May 2000 - 10 April 2012

Loved and missed by his family and everyone who knew the red tornado

Goodbye, sweet Jake, rest easy now

With is pals who crossed The Bridge before him, Gracie and Luke (sitting behind him), in the Nevada desert near their home. Tim, I have no idea how you got him to lay still long enough to take this pix!

Winners Dog

Me and Jake, Tim, Elvie, probably somewhere in Las Vegas I'm guessing, many years gone

Baby Jake with momma Catera, grandma Jazzee and great-grandma Morgan, flanked by new owners Tim and Elvie, July 2000, Poway California

Jake, 4 weeks. You can see the devilish gleam in his eyes if you look close. Tim didn't look close enough, apparently

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