Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hail to the Stormclouds

April 5th, I was on the phone with my pal Kris from Poway, near San Diego, where it's always warm and sunny or hot and sunny unlike up here. Here, it was cycling between rain, snow and hail, all in copious amounts. We were on the phone for about an hour, and in that period of time, we got close to an inch of rain, snow and hail. Kris, I wasn't kidding, was I?

Start of a hailstorm

The back deck, coated with both snow and hail in about equal quantities. And yes, that is a dog in the run, Gem the BC. There are twice as many snug, dry and warm doghouses as there are dogs, plus the big overhang over the dry concrete pad (where most of the doghouses are), and yet she chooses to be out in the weather. The Aussies, on the other hand, head for drydock at the first drop of rain. Mostly they are in the house during bad weather, but they were all getting a good case of cabin fever after several weeks of being house-bound almost 24/7, so since the weather wasn't all that bad prior to this wave, they were out enjoying some much needed running and barking at the cattle

That's not fog out over the pastures, that's hail

Yes, yes it was

Hail backs up around the skylights

Ho Dog enjoys the sunshine as the storm cell boils over Green Peak to the west of the ranch

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