Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting the Garden Going

If you can't tell by the picture, it's not raining (okay, not Saturday anyway), the sky is a brilliant blue, the air warm and scented with daffodils, and the garden desperately needed help. We sprayed weeds, I pulled more weeds, the onions, broccoli and cauliflower went in finally, and we got the paths between the beds going again. This time, more cardboard (we renovated the master bath as you saw earlier, thus we had a LOT of cardboard on hand) but instead of using straw, which not only grew us a lot of grass and wheat last year in the paths but tends to be quite slippery when wet, we bit the bullet and are putting down hemlock bark over the top of the cardboard this time. Should last a lot longer and not encourage weeds like the straw did. And, it tends to look better too as well as absorb more heat, which up here is a huge plus. Thursday, Jan (not Jan the dog, but Jan my garden buddy) and I are headed down to Cottage Grove to Territorial Seed Company to pick up grafted tomatoes and peppers. In the meantime, the blackberries need to be pruned - they should have been done in February, but with the weather it wasn't possible - and I never did mow down the 'Fall Gold' raspberries last fall so not only are the new canes popping up but the old ones are full of new growth, so I guess I'll just leave them. Tons of stuff inside and outside of the greenhouse need to get planted or into pots. I got my 'drunken tower o pots' as Dale calls it built and have everything ready to go for that, the fuschias are ready to hang once we finish up the gazebo project, all the pots that didn't go in the greenhouse for the winter need to be cleaned out and replanted and by then any annuals I don't already have started from seed ready to plant will be available everywhere, so Jan and I will be off filling up the bed of the dually as usual. I'm pretty sure that's why she takes me on garden centre runs - I have the biggest vehicle around. I've seen her poor Mustang crammed to the headliner with plants before - it's just not a pretty sight.

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