Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally, The Finish Line

Tuesday evening, Jesse of Sullivan Custom Furniture, came by with the new cabinets for the master bath. I cannot say enough good about Jesse and the level of craftmanship, attention to detail and creativity he brings to woodworking. He is a cabinet maker of the finest calibre. You can see his creations at and right here on the blog. If you are in need of anything made of wood that goes in a house or perhaps a sign for your business or home, he's the guy, locally, to see. But you better want the best, because I don't believe that it's in Jesse to do anything less than that. Jesse, his wife and kids live just around the corner from us right here in Bellfountain.

There is only a bit of detail work left to be done for the bathroom to finally be completed. Coupla pieces of floor trim now that the vanity is in, and since we couldn't seem to get the second piece of granite backsplash matched via Home Depot, we're going to go to a local stone shop and get two custom pieces to finish up the vanity. And then, almost 6 years later, the master bath will finally be finished!

Detail of the maple Jesse used for the smaller cabinet

Quality details - fine hardware, chamfered screw holes, close tolerances. Doesn't get any better

Out with the old.... with the new

Jesse put a matching frame around the vanity (Pegasus 'Naples' style) to help break up the blah side and to cover the minor damage that occured during shipping. This was Dale's idea and it came out great!

Pegasus 'Naples' vanity. Quality is okay, better by a mile than what was in there, but after seeing Jesse' work, maybe we should have had him do the vanity as well. Thought for another day. I'm just happy to have water downstairs again for the first time since February!

And Sybil approves

The old linen closet - melanine and flimsy, paper-thin oak doors

A cabinet worthy of the finest home, solid handcrafted maple, custom made and fitted to an oddly shaped hole. The walls and floor are not plumb at all, thus it took Jesse several pain-staking hours to custom cut everything to fit like the walls and floor were actually plumb

The doors are cleverly designed to pop completely open, not just pop open a tiny bit like a average ordinary pressure catch, making it extremely easy to deal with when your hands are full

Ah, the ugly pink toliet. And the even uglier, paper-thin cheesy pink and blue speckled lino. Oh yeah, the ill-fitting (because the walls are so out of plumb) baseboard. All soon to be but a memory

What a difference! American Standard Cadet 4, top of the line Armstrong lino, properly fitted up baseboards (and a lot of caulking), fresh, clean paint

The old cabinet, soon to become a bovine medicine chest out in the big silver barn

And, the new maple cabinet, not anytime soon to be out in any barn, for any reason

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  1. I <3 excellent custom cabinet makers! The trim on the side of the new vanity really does make a great difference, and the new cupboard and closet look great. Maple is such a good wood.