Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Calves

Since I've been getting a lot of calls about calves, decided to go out and get some updated pix of the gang.  Not ideal weather - somewhat rainy, windy, cool and cloudy - but at least the flies were at bay, unlike the past few days when it was 'hot' (for us) and sunny.

Scooby (dairy steer, Dawn's replacement calf), Zamora (standing) and Zinger, typical young boys, lounging around, waiting for something to get into

Zinger, posing nicely as usual, Zamora, Zoomie and Joy the heifer

That big ol' fat nose belongs to Liza, the camera you-know-what.  She bugs me continuously when I'm trying to take pictures, bumping me with her head, demanding attention, and as you can see, sticking her nose in the camera lens when she doesn't get what she wants

Tiny 3 day old Zazu gets some love from Liza the freemartin heifer, who sadly will never know the joy of having her own baby

Zinger (dun) and Zamora

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