Saturday, March 17, 2012

Zinger, Gentle Soul

At just a day old, Zing shows such a soft and gentle soul. I sat there and scratched him and rubbed him while his little tongue gently licked my hand. Such an absolute opposite to half bro Zamora, this one. But, time will tell. He could still come under Zam's influence yet.

Ooooo, don't you just want to kiss that little black nose? Okay, so I did, once. Or maybe twice

Another nice boy butt, courtesy of daddy Roar

He finally stood still for a few moments without being right up against momma Misty. Not as nice a pose as one might like, but you get the gist of how he's put together

All I could think of with this shot was 'My Little Pony'. Playing with mom's tail is a thing with him

Another quick shot, not the best, but finally without a big, silver background. Okay, a little silver and a little black background in the form of Joy and Hilda

Just gotta love little bull butts

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