Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Lambs

What could be cuter than a bunch of lambs frolicking in the snow? A trio playing 'King of the Compost Pile' maybe? A Tuesday morning light snow, the first snow the lambies have ever seen, and just like little kids everywhere, they took full advantage of their own 'snow day'.

Flossie and the twins, Toby (speckled) and Janie

The oldest lamb, Donny, gets a quick snack from momma Aprille

Donny is the current King of the Compost Pile, but there's a barbarian at the gate attempting an incursion

Invasion rebuffed, for the moment at least. But it appears the barbarian has called in a reinforcement

Another incursion attempt

Two lambs a-leaping, right down the pile

There's always refuge in mom. Donny stands triumphant, the undisputed King of the Compost Pile

And sweet little Maddie just looking cute as a bug, while momma Jillian stands guard and very pregnant Patty snacks (and yes, Patty is STILL pregnant - I think she's holding out for the forecast very stormy weather this weekend)

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