Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Real Treat for Aussie Owners

When Dr. Villaroel came by on Wednesday with her gaggle of vet students from OSU for our usual Wednesday cattle call, she brought a real treat - the Basque Shepherd pup she brought back from Spain last year! Dr. V is Spanish, grew up on a Spanish dairy and teaches/practices large animal veterinary medicine at OSU. Urko is now 5 months old and totally full of himself. He had a good time with the ol' man, Ho Dog, but then found Roar. Only took his puppy brain a few seconds to realize this probably wasn't something he wanted to play with, not yet at least. He's a very handsome, bouncy boy and yes, his ears are glued to keep them upright and set them in place. Didn't slow him down at all. He's also tri-lingual - Spanish is his primary language with a smattering of English and German thrown in to round out his education.

For those wondering why I said this was a treat for Aussie owners, it's because it's quite likely that Urko's ancestors had a hand in the development of our breed. Check out the full story at or it you have a copy of Jeanne Joy Hartnagle's 'All About Aussies' I think there's a section devoted to the development history of the Aussie in there. Seeing as how I can't seem to keep a copy of that all important book around - lost one to a puppy (think it was Ho) years ago and the copy I got several years ago seems to have disappeared, but if you have it or can get it, it's really The Book for Aussie owners.

Urko on the prowl as only a 5 month old pup on a strange ranch can be

Nice show of build here. I note that he's about the size of the Aussies on the smaller end of the scale at this point - definitely nowhere near Ho's size, more like about Cricket's right now

After deciding that maybe Roar didn't really want to play with him after all!

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