Friday, March 9, 2012

On Fertile Ground

It was a perfect, late winter Pacific Northwest day. No time to waste - needed to get 3000# of nitrogen on the pastures before the rain came back for a week starting tonite, so off we went in the early morn to drag the bin back and get started. Dale got the tractor ready to rock with the foam marker set up on its pallet on the forks and the spinner attached and ready, I climbed in the saddle and off I went, soaking up some much needed Vitamin D with all that sunshine. Then of course Millie had the good graces to calve on her own during the day on the nicest day of the year thus far - that's my girl!

Big Orange ready to go. Uber-preggers heifer Dawn checks it out

How it works - the bin, attatched to Really Big Red, has its own powered augur to dish up the fertilizer, which is poured into the big red spinner. The foam marker on the front of Big Orange dispenses blobs of white foam every so often so that I can tell where I've been and gauge the distance I need to hold so as not to waste one precious ounce of the urea overlapping already fertilized ground

A nice shot of the homestead from the bottom of the south pasture

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