Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oldie But a Goodie

Flossie is my oldest ewe, one of the first born on the ranch out of one of my original Barbado ewes, bred to a fine Dorper ram. Thus, Flossie is a Dorpedo. She still reliably lambs without any help, just as she's done from the start. And a few hours ago, she delivered a nice set of twins, boy and girl, that look just like all her lambs - little white topknots, and the ram with a sugar sprinkle on his body (those will disappear, darn it).

Two more holdouts, Miriam and Patty. Since it is once again supposed to snow tomorrow and Tuesday - after almost reaching 60 here at the ranch yesterday and 63 down in Eugene! - I hope they get'em done today!

It appears that the heavy fog this morning fogged up the camera lens. Or maybe since I haven't had my coffee or packwalk yet, it's just my eyes.

Janie, momma Flossie, and Toby

Toby eyes the camera

Toby's little white spots on his body will eventually disappear

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