Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lambs Galore

A cacophany of cuteness for your viewing pleasure

The 'new' kids meet the 'old' kid. Twyla's twin girls meet Donny, aka Don Juan

Oh, he's cute and he totally knows it. Twyla gives one of the Gangsta Girls the evil eye

Twyla's twins meet half sis Maddie and momma Jillian

Twyla's Twins, Tessie and Tina

Tina - what a goofy face!

Tessie is the quiet one, the 'perfect' child. She's going to be a lot like her momma

Black and white. Tina, one of the barn kitty boys, and one of the Gangsta Girls, the Silver Laced Wyandotte

Tessie gets a butt sniff from waaaaaay too curious heifer calf Joy. Momma Twyla will take care of things in a second

To steal a line from 'American Flyers', "she even WALKS loudly"

Such a sweet little girl, that Tessie. Just what you think a little lamb should look like

Triple butts, knock knees

Let's not leave out little Maddie, Jillian's baby girl, looking goofier than Tina with her little brown tipped ears

She's going to be pretty wild looking when she grows up too

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