Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like a Lion....

...And if March goes out like it did last year, it'll go OUT as a lion as well. Another light dusting greeted us this morning up here in the Coast Range foothills. Green Peak was pretty well covered, and to our east, across the valley, the Coburg Hills and the foothills of the Cascades were quite well frosted.

The stump of the mighty old Oregon white oak we had to take down sports a pot full of frozen pansies, that will thaw and look like they never saw a bit of ice

On the morning packwalk, looking across Herb's reprod timber to a snowy Green Peak just emerging from the mists of another snow squall

Ruffie, freshly shorn of her baby Izzy 10 days ago, looks forlorn as only a lonely black momma cow can against the white pastures in the early morning sun

Roar, butt to camera, and LeeLu, about two weeks from her due date. She's carrying Roar's child

The Puffy Cows of Winter

4 day old Donny and momma Aprille out for a stroll in his second ever snow day. Big Mikey, the wether and the yearling ewes (not pregnant) in the background

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