Monday, March 5, 2012

Henry Meets Auntie Shae

Shelly, my fibre-spinning, scarf and sock knittin', Aussie lovin' pal from San Diego, who shares a house with one of the last Jazzee daughters, Shae - she's on this blog, back last year in June - got a chance to go out to Poway to visit with Sybil's brother Henry yesterday. Henry's maturing into a fine young man, and getting ready to get back into stockdog training with daddy Hoke's breeder Tom of Southern Cross Aussies out in Ramona. Got one pix from Shelly and one from Henry's owner Kris, and thought I'd share 'em with ya. Enjoy!

Henry, 19 months, with owner Kris' feet

With 12 1/2 year old Auntie Shae (by Kane)

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