Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cutest EVER!

Ask Dale. As we were getting everything ready to go to fertilize today, I looked over at Millie and said 'no, you still have a few days, just cross your legs'. She was standing next to the fence, switching her tail and occasionally kicking at her belly, and lying down off and on. But, she was chewing cud (not unusual in calving cows), so off we went to pick up 3000# of fertilizer and get after it. By the time I finished up around 3, so had Millie. I brought the tractor back over to the old red barn to clean it up, looked over at the fence where Millie still was, and saw two little ears near ground level flicking. A quick peek - I still had to haul the fertilizer bin back to Monroe to Wilbur-Ellis or Riley would have been unhappy with me - found a petite dun heifer still wet and one not very happy mom. Millie is more bluff than anything, but she is a damn good momma cow. I don't think even the most determined mountain lion would take one of her calves without sustaining mortal injury. By the time I got back from returning the bin, the little girl was up and nursing and pretty happy. Dale got home and we weighed her and I got her navel iodined - you don't work solo around Millie with a newborn - and then left the two alone. Morgan Rivers ZoomZoom tipped the scales at a very fine 71 pounds of impossibly cute calf. Roar did a fine job, as did Millie as usual. We are keeping the theme going with her - first there was Turbo, then Speedy, and now ZoomZoom. Not sure what her call name will be, still thinking about that.

Misty and Dawn the heifer are due in a few weeks, then we take a break for a bit before our summer calvers Ruffie, Sapphire and Vicky Cristina calve. In the meantime, the lamb races are in full swing and soon there'll be calf races along with them.

Moments old

I knew she was a heifer without even looking, but I did anyway, just in case

First attempt to stand


If that's not cute, you're probably dead

A nice butt. Roar puts nice butts on his kids

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