Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cuteness Just Keeps Coming

It was 5:30 last night. I needed to be at the Eugene airport to pick up Dale from San Diego at 6:45, meaning I had to leave by no later than 6:15. And there was Twyla, with a water bag hanging out her girl parts. She's my best ewe, a great momma, has always had twins, even her first time, without any help. I watched her for as long as I could, then I had to go. She was headed for the barn, and sure enough, when we got back she was in there with her newborn daughters, Tina and Tessie, all mostly dry and with their little bellies absolutely stuffed. This morning I went to go band tails and get pix, and they were bouncing around like little pogo sticks. Tessie nuzzled my ear as I banded her tail, then gave a quick lick to my nose when I looked her in the face. Tina's got attitude, thus the name; after Tina Turner, my fave singer/dancer (if you don't know, momma Twyla's named after a famous dancer as well, Twyla Tharp). They join half brother Donny who is already having to go to his knees to eat.

2 down, 4 to go! And Jillian had a bit of goo this morning, as did Flossie, the old girl. We almost have enough now for a half card lamb race.

Tina poses with mom, showing off her wild markings

Tinattude! Tessie peeks over sis' butt

Tessie. You just know she's going to be the 'good' child of the two

Headed for half bro Donny to see what he's doing. As you can clearly see, Twyla feeds her kids VERY well

Tessie is the curious one. Donny goes down on his knees for breakfast in the background

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  1. Twyla looks like she could nurse a litter of lambs!