Friday, March 16, 2012


There was a good break in the clouds for a bit this morning, so it was time to put the new mom and her son out in the north pasture to meet the rest of the gang. Got some cute pix of Zamora finally, and Zinger made himself at home with everyone. Hope the skies stay clear for a bit, altho we're looking at snow again on Sunday. March in the Pacific Northwest - in like a lion, out like a lion.

With mom running to keep up, baby Zinger heads over to Millie and half bro Zamora to say hi
Zinger meets half sis ZoomZoom for the first time. She's totally unimpressed
Momma Millie tells Zinger that her daughter ZoomZoom is NOT going on a date, she's much too young to be dating, and certainly not the likes of him
Zinger and Zamora meet for the first time. Love Zamora's little tail!
Zinger in all his goofy glory, coming to give the camera lady a kiss
I swear Misty looks like some celebrity telling the papparazzi to back the heck off. Behind her, baby Zinger meets Zamora while Millie watches closely
Millie gently tells Zinger that those faucets are NOT for his use
Family portrait - black, Tali X Millie daughter Hilda; baby ZoomZoom (by Roar); Millie; muddy silver cow behind, Vicky Cristina, by Tali out of Millie's full sister Nellie
Joy greets new arrival Zinger
The amazing two bodied cow. Headless Joy, new momma Misty and a tired little Zinger. Momma Millie and half bro Zamora in the background
Now THAT'S a fine bull head!
Did I mention how much I love that head?
Zamora in all his cuteness

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  1. That picture of Zinger standing face on to the camera, for some reason reminds me of a bulldog. :-)