Saturday, March 3, 2012

And More....

I was wandering back up from the bottom of the north pasture after checking on the remaining puffy cows, and decided to mosey by the barn and see Twyla and her new girls. After saying hi to the dynamic duo and their mom, I felt that I better check on the rest of the puffy ewes. Three of them were with the rest of the herd, hangin' out enjoying the WARM temps (yes, you read that right - 55 degrees!!) and wan sunshine, but there was Jillian, all the way at the bottom of the pasture, with a small white bundle by her feet. Maddie apparantely made her way into the world all by her cute little self, altho I was expecting twins out of Jillian again. Might have to dive in there once Dale gets back from the gun show and make sure there's nobody left behind, but mom wasn't acting like there was. Got Maddie's tail banded and what was left of her navel iodined. WARNING - there is some gore in these shots. Standard stuff, but still, if you don't like the sight of blood, only view the first pix or any shot NOT of Jillian's butt!

The brown is actually patches of colour, not dirt. She's got the cutest little brown tips to both ears

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  1. Love the shot of Maddie standing under mom's belly.