Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 Lambs a Leapin'

Lambs. Nothing like 'em for entertainment value. I have said for years that I should charge admission to folks stopping along the road to watch, take pictures and laugh their butts off at the stunts these juvenile delinquents perform in public. I could have retired by now.

The mob forms. You KNOW trouble's a brewin'

The first leap

Approaching the old red barn and the forks for the tractor with mayhem in mind

A little sideways leapin' going on

I wish my angle had been better, because as you can see, this is a pretty awesome leap, above the forks

Another aerial display

Levitating lamb

Pretty sure that's Donny launching off the snowbank

Airs above the ground, lamb-style. Don't think she's off the ground? Check out the shadow!

I knew these shots of the flying lambs would be a true test of the new Canon S100, and to say it came thru with flying colours (pun fully intended) is an understatement. This has got to be the best point-and-shoot digicam on the market, bar none. Dale did his research well!

Double airs above the ground

How awesome is that lamb! Yes Shelly, I am pretty happy with the new camera if you couldn't already tell

Triple jump across the water hazard

Ivory and ebony, not in perfect harmony at this particular moment


  1. Yeah, something about the # of pics accompanying recent post was a tip off..
    Heeheee, levitating lambs, just what I was thinking.

  2. Living in OK land we called that 'stretching skin!' Always fun to watch and if you don't smile and chuckle ...Well you need professional help and Lucy only charges 5 cents!