Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wisconsin Ho!

So, Wisconsin in February. What the HECK were little bro Stan and I THINKING?!? Actually, the first two days, it was pretty nice, sunny and not below zero. But then things took a turn towards the dark side of a midwestern winter, with a day of blinding snow followed by nearly below (without the wind chill) zero temperatures. But, we had a nice time with Jim and his family, and got to see mom enjoy a good plate of seafood at Salty's, a Fond du Lac institution and one of her fave eateries, and ride along with Jim as he plowed parking lots. Sure was good to get back home to the rain tho!

A snow ridge piles up on mom's front porch. Stan, my weenie little brother from balmy California, bundled to the hilt and STILL freezing his butt of, didn't want to do more than take a few pix and run for the heater. Me, in just a hoodie, wanted to have a snowball fight. However, the snow was very dry and powdery, definitely NOT snowball material, lucky for Stan

Me and my hoodie, mom's front yard

Stan. He's actually frozen in place. Had to go get Jim's skidsteer to haul him back to the house to thaw

Stan, wondering were the heck the driveway plower was. You can see how hard the wind was whipping by the snow tornado behind him by mom's garage

Here come da plow!

Tell me THAT'S something you want to see in your rearview mirror! A coupla tons of F-450 and a monster plow get the job done effortlessly, especially seeing as how in spite of the thousands of dollars both my mom and Jim pay in property taxes, her street only gets plowed when Jim comes over to see her

And this is how they barbeque in Fond du Lac in February. First, remove a foot or so of snow from the barbeque, then toss on the meat. Jim's got it down to a science - he lights the 'que and Vonnie cooks the steaks while he sits in the warm, cozy house with a glass of wine

Jim clears mom's driveway with the cute little skidsteer

Stan, the day before it snowed, enjoying much warmer temps and little bit of leftover snow

Stan messes with Jim, trying to hook up the trailer to the F-450 with his camera. Notice how much snow there ISN'T out there, the day before the big snowstorm hit

Bro in law's place, loading up the mini to bring home

Mini, loaded and ready to roll

Stan supervises the loading of the mini

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