Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rebuilding the Loading Area - Again

Some day, we'll get it exactly right, exactly the way we want it. We took down the big Lifetime gate on the north end of the feederbunks, re-routed the electric wire on the centre fenceline, added two more 2"X12"'s, took the bow gate from Pony's area and installed it where the old gate was and then where the rest of the old gate was, added a movable Preifert panel. Makes it easier for people to go in and out of the bunks without getting zapped by the electric wire, removes a rather flimsy gate that had already been bent by a cow and replaced and the new one also got bent by a cow, and gave us another way to crowd cows into the loading chute that is way stronger than a puny human jumping up and down and waving arms in front of them, trying to prevent an end-run around them. There is still somewhat of an issue with the panel used to block the entrance to the actual loading chute when it's not in use, but Dale the engineer will figure it out to his satisfaction eventually. In the meantime, it is usable and better than it was. For now, anyway.

Old gate removed, new wood up on centre fenceline (to the left side of the pix) and new bow gate from Pony's pasture enroute to its new location

Completed project on a fine day for doing outside projects. From here, Dale jumped on Big Orange and harrowed the maternity pasture, a vast improvement and something that usually has to wait for mid-summer to be done due to the soggy ground. But a few sunny, dry days and things firmed right up. We'll do more tomorrow in the north pasture and maybe even spin some pasture mix on it

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