Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Plane Pictures

Nope, not a typo. Pictures from the plane, taken on my way back to Wisconsin last week to see mom and little bro Jim. Mostly I was just taken with the textures and colours seen from 35,000 feet. These were all taken with my little 10 year old Canon ELPH. Enjoy!

Rivers from the air are so cool

This was totally awesome - a shadow of our plane, on the clouds below, inside a rainbow circle

Mt. Saint Helens, closest to wing, and I think Rainier in the distance

Mt. Saint Helens

Two mountains, might be Rainier closest, but maybe not. Couldn't hear a word the pilot was saying

To the left of the black thread of a river is a bunch of very cool looking circle sort of things, kind of like crop circles in wheat fields, only on snow. I think this was either eastern Washington/Oregon, western Idaho or maybe the Dakotas. Could have been Wyoming too. Still couldn't hear a thing the pilot was saying

It's all about textures and colours with me and cameras

Now that's what I call a dividing line between the haves (snow haves) and have nots

When you click on this one, you'll see the black thread of a river that tapers off to the right into white

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