Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cody the Chick Magnet

The only way I was going to get any shots of Cody (Hoke X Cricket 2010) was to fly all the way to Wisconsin and take 'em myself - so I did. Really, I went to visit my little bro Jim and my mom, but since Cody lives with Jim, it just worked out. I was quite taken with how nicely he's matured (Cody, not my brother); around 19"-20" and 50 pounds of muscle and goofiness, just about perfect. With his striking good looks, he stops traffic and attracts chicks like mad. Loves everyone, rarely barks (except at the neighbour dog, and then only when his running mate Ozzie the black Lab starts it) and is fantastic with the kids. Posing for the camera (with bro Stan running the camera) was a bit of a challenge, as to be expected from a dog who has never been taught to stand, but it only took a few minutes for him to get the idea. Took longer for Stan to figure out how to work the camera correctly! Enjoy the show!

With his running mate, Ozzie the black Lab

On the run

Jim is obviously the one who feeds them, while Stan watches the show

Ozzie is just a step-stool for Cody it appears. Gotta love the expression on her face

Such a great, masculine head - like a red merle Ho Dog, his great-uncle. Classic, old, original style Aussie

Remember, he's never had to stand for pictures before, so it's a bit new to him, and I'm totally NOT someone who can stack like a pro either (and then there was the whole Stan running the camera thing, but we've already made fun of him for that)

His topline is gorgeous, unlike what it looks like in this shot

Love that head!

With Christopher, doing the 'Aussie Lean'

And giving Jim a little love (and a lotta tongue)

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  1. He is looking good! Especially like that first shot of him standing.