Monday, February 27, 2012

Bathroom Remodel, Part II

Now that the pink cave was gone and replaced with a beautiful, spacious and well-lit tub/shower enclosure, it was time to demolish the vanity. The plan was to do all the demo work, repaint the entire room, repair what needed repair, have Jessee get the two stand alone cabinets started, get the new lino down, install the moulding, replace the two cabinets, install the new vanity and two new mirrors that will take the place of the medicine cabinet we never used, and finally the new toliet. Thus far, all has gone well. The ugly vanity came out in pieces, but because the tile backsplash was installed without tileboard (directly onto the drywall, a huge no-no), we ended up having to cut out the drywall and tile. So we got to learn drywall repair. Not the best job ever (our learning curve was kinda steep), but light years beyond the previous job. Dale fixed all the poorly done drywall along with the three big holes we put in ourselves, we patched, sanded, textured, primed and painted and now we just wait for the vanity and mirrors to come in and Jesse to finish the cabinets. The new toliet is in the garage; we installed its twin in the upstair guest bathroom, finally getting rid of the noisy, old, stained unit up there.

The old vanity was a cheap oak and partical board monstrosity in mauve and blue, in dire need of refinishing the wood or just making the whole thing go away. That would be the option we chose

All painted. Still needs another coat and yes, it's a bit wavy in spots, but compared to what it was - you'd have to have seen the original bathroom to appreciate even where it's at now, not even finished, it's that much better already

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