Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aprille Had a Little Lamb...

...his hair was whiter than snow. Young Aprille must have read the calendar, right where it said 'lambing starts 26 Feb' because early this morning, my only first timer this year presented us with a very fine ram lamb all by herself. I had looked her over yesterday and decided that she was the closest of all this year's lambers. And figuring that it was bone-chilling cold and snowing off and on last night, she picked the lambing pen as her spot - what a smart young ewe she is! Donny is a fine, strong, big boned ram lamb, and first time momma Aprille is a good momma, plenty of milk and very protective of her baby boy.

One down, 5 to go, all old hands, hopefully all carrying twins. Let the lamb races begin!

Donny, about 5 hours old

Look at the bone on that boy!

'Go on, son. It's okay. It's just your aunties out there, waiting for you to see your new outside world for the first time'

Face to face with the outside world

A really nice ram lamb, that Donny. Aprille is a North Country Cheviot ewe X Dorpedo ram (Dorper X Barbado) and Donny is sired by Ricky Bobby, our Katahadadorpadoviot ram (Katahdin/Dorper/Barbado/North Country Cheviot)

Donny meets Twyla, my best ewe. Aprille sire Tommy was Twyla's twin. Twyla is due any day now

Out in the world for the first time. At least while it was very cold and somewhat rainy/snowy, the wind wasn't howling like it was a few days ago

A spot of sun. That's my oldest ewe, Flossie, also due any day now, in the background

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