Thursday, January 19, 2012

A River (Shouldn't) Run Thru It

Winter made a comeback this week, and I don't just mean the snow part. As of this evening, we've had nearly 6" of rain since Tuesday afternoon when it all started. The temps rose, the snow melted, the rain came down in buckets, and by this afternoon, all the local rivers were almost at, at or above flood stage. Florence (on the coast) had evacuation orders as did parts of east Springfield (Eugene area) along the Mohawk River and Philomath (west of Corvallis, north of us) where the Mary's River reached an all time historic high. For us, it was minor stuff; a lot of runoff shooting thru the pastures, a few ponds, a bit of the big silver barn roof trying to depart and some muddy cows, sheep, goat and horse. The ducks were happy; the hens and cats, well, not happy, I'm sorry to report. The dogs have been in the house except for the morning packwalk, potty breaks and feeding time. One of our neighbour's house flooded (picture below), and all of the Nusbaum's pastures are lakes. Dawson Road was flooded east of us down the hill for a time this afternoon from the Nusbaum's pastures draining over it because the ditches were full to overflowing. Oliver Creek to our south was at the bottom of the bridge and Don's pasture was a lake that flowed over Foster Road. Reese Creek was near the bottom of it's bridge on Dawson as well, and the Long Tom River in Monroe was over the top. Now, there is a reason we chose NOT to live on a creek or river. This is the worst flooding in decades; the last big floods were the '95 floods that did devastating damage all up and down the Willamette Valley, from Portland to Roseburg. Don and I took a drive out Old River Road east of us, in the valley, a while back, and he pointed out where the river had gone wild, and where on the various homes along that road the water had reached up to - some were submerged up to the windows.

We are getting a little break in the action, but more heavy rain is expected the next several days, possibly out to next weekend. Right now some of those flooding rivers will get the chance to go down a bit, but any more rain like the past few days, and they'll be right back up again.

There is something to be said for being up high on a hill, believe me!

Temperature going up (love that temperature graph!) and the rain comin' down. That rainfall amount is from about 2 pm when it really started

Tuesday mid afternoon. Snow starting to really melt now, as it's lightly raining

Dale's insulation job on the one side of the garage/shop held its snow load very nicely compared to the uninsulated roof of the other side

This morning, looking SE at the Nusbaum's pastures/hay fields. That's all water, as far as you can see, where there shouldn't be any

Looking east down Dawson Road. The water had receeded quite a bit by this time. The Nusbaum's pastures are to the left, and the furtherest one you can barely see is almost completely under water

The corner of the barn trying to escape. Dale came out with portable drill and screws and put it back together again. Turned out that it had no screws in it at all, which makes it a wonder it lasted as long as it did

A perfect shot of a perfect rainbow (and some of our ponds in the pasture)

Don's new lake in his north pasture

Looking south on Foster Road towards Don's place. This water was quite deep and really moving across the road

Sybil poses at the corner of Don's flooded pasture. Given the opportunity, she would have gone swimming, however I didn't want to have to give her a bath, so she had to stay on (semi) dry land

This is Don's pasture north of Oliver Creek. That's part of Oliver Creek left of the fenceline. Normally, it would be well to the left and not visible from here

This was a cool shot of the muddy, swirling waters of Oliver Creek where it met the stagnant water from the pasture and ditch. It flowed like this while we stood and watched - muddy on one side, relatively clear on the other

Headed east on Dawson. Nusbaum's pasture to the left

Nusbaum's new lake to the left

Neighbour's flooded home

Mark, this is the house that was a foreclosure, next door to the flooded house. The water only reached the garage portion. Now, aren't you glad you didn't buy it after all?

Nusbaum's new lake. Not sure that fence will do much to keep the fish in/out

Back to Oliver Creek again (I switched cameras). It's normal course is to the left of the trees that are to the left of the fence

Looking east up Oliver Creek from the bridge. Normally, you wouldn't be able to see the water at all from this point unless you looked way up the creek. I'm estimating it's a good 15' or more above where it normally runs

Don's pasture, house and barns

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