Monday, January 16, 2012

Morgan River Ranch & Snowboard Resort

Romella's son Charley came over to get a little practice on our bunny hill before heading over to Willamette Pass later in the week. Dale was happy to provide free lift service via the putt-putt, and Sybil played a role as ski patrol for him. More or less, anyway.

Ready for a second run

Too bad the scenery's so blah on the run

Ski patrol, makin' sure everyone including the lift operator is stayin' safe. I actually think she's just eating some snow right there

Ski patrol and ski lift. And it's all free, plus no lines, no waiting

Ski patrol Sybil checks out Charlie, making sure he's okay for his 5th run. She was very good; she's never met Charley before, and there he was, wearing this big ol' board strapped to his feet and going down the hill in a weird manner, and she never batted an eye

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