Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Snow Shots

You knew there'd be more, didn't you. Admit it. And yes, it is still snowing; since the sun went down, it's snowed quite a bit more, and we still have heavy snowshowers passing by from time to time. Could be quite a picture tomorrow morn. Glad it's not a school day and the bus has to try and make it up our hill on Dawson; can't wait for the first log trucks to attempt it in the morning.

The Jellybean in Winter. By the time Dale was ready to put it back in the garage, it had so much snow on it I had to back it out while he brushed mounds of snow off. And as fast as he brushed it off, it was falling back on it

Sybil gains a whole lot more white spots. I think she may be a harlequin merle, actually

Snow cows like hungry cows. The gang awaits dinner outside the feederbunk in a heavy snowshower

My gate shot of Ho Dog. I think it's time for a new camera. Dale saw the previous shots and agreed. One that can at least try to focus from time to time

From the front deck, looking NE. It just looked really neat in real life

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