Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frosty Frivolo

A few days ago, my pal Bonnie and I were yakking on the phone, and our second fave subject, after cows of course, came up. That subject was wine, and how she was too pooped to pop a cork that night. I smugly replied that since it was 34 degrees out, I had the remains of the bottle of Vino Noceto Frivolo chillin' on the wine cooler (the little bistro table on the deck). She joked that I better not forget about it, as it would be frozen solid by morn since temps were due to hit the low 20's. I said there wasn't any way **I** would ever forget to drink a fine, chilled Frivolo, that's for sure. And of course, I did, and the next morning, you see the resulting frosty bottle. Good alcohol content tho - didn't even get a skim of ice on the contents, and I just left it where it was until that evening. It sure was good and chilled by then.

We're being told to expect several inches of snow the next few days. Doubt it'll happen, but everyone's pretty excited, because it's forecast even for the valley floor below us. We don't get a lot of snow, not normally, but a few days of it over the course of a winter is not unheard of. Last time it snowed was February 24, when Misty calved her twins, and that was the only day it snowed last winter. The previous winter - not a single day. And as dry as it's been (for us) this winter, no telling what can happen. It's been quite cold - low 20's most mornings, and barely into the 30's during the day mostly - well below average for us this time of year. That didn't stop me from going out the one good day last week when temps hit the low 40's and doing some gardening - cleaning up a bit, getting the lettuce, radish and peas in the ground, and seeding flats of broccoli, cauliflower and some flowers. Some of the broccoli is already up on the heat mat in the dairy barn garage, and my gardening buddy Jan brought over a delightful, small, all in one indoor table greenhouse (clear cover and heated base) so I can get some of the more delicate flowers started much earlier than usual.

You can bet that if it does snow, we're not only prepared, but there will be pictures. Stay tuned!

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