Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Snow of 2012

The weather guessers were right! Okay, so it was more of a very heavy frost than several inches of snow, but right now, at 1315 in the afternoon, another heavy snowburst has been falling for about 15 minutes, and everything that wasn't white is now. The packwalk was fun - lots of good photo ops, and then a heavy snowshower at the end, and not so cold that you froze half to death. But one thing about walking in a heavy snowshower - glasses are zero help. Goggles would have been the eyewear of choice. I not only kept having to clear the snow from the glass but snowflakes kept hitting me in the eye. Still, it was fun and funny to watch Sybil trying to snatch snowflakes out of the air.

More snow predicted for the next few days - should be interesting, as well as quite pretty.

Morning, looking west towards Green Peak

On Park Road, headed west. The girls cavorting in the fresh powder in the remains of the Christmas tree field

Sybil, full blast, with momma Cricket right there, and Gem the BC observing from a safe distance

No other speed other than full blast for the puppy Sybil. Gem and Cricket follow at a much more sedate pace

Sybil (back to camera) and momma Cricket get it on while the ref, Gem, watches (and waits for an opening, actually)

Sure wish this shot of Sybil had been in focus - very cool

It had just started a heavy snowshower as we were headed east on Dawson back to the ranch. I didn't know I'd caught Cricket's nose with a blob of snow on it until I downloaded the pix. That's Hoke on the left, Gem the BC next to him, and Cricket's snowy nose. The dogs were totally lovin' it

Approaching the ranch going east on Dawson during the heavy snowshower

Really comin' down now. The old red barn and the garage/shop

The ol' homestead sure looks all happy and sparkly in the snow!

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  1. What a transformation! I love the pics with Sybil's ears flapping around.