Monday, January 30, 2012

Bellfountain Game Feed 2012

The annual (no one seems to remember how many have been held, possibly between 4-7) Bellfountain Game Feed, as usual expertly coordinated and put on by Romella and her crew of merry kids, was held last night at the historic Bellfountain School. Pastor Greg was the emcee for the evening and the offical duck caller (you'll have to attend once to find out what that is all about). Our featured speaker last year was Bob Welch, a local newspaper columnist for the Register-Guard (Eugene); this year, it was hunting legend Scotty B, friend and neighbour. Scotty shot the world's record Rooseveldt elk ( just a few miles away in 2002. 'Brutus', as he's known around these parts, stands proud and tall at the new Cabela's in Springfield, and this was the first year that he hasn't been the star attraction at the Feed. He's engaged there for a 10 year appearance, so if you're going by the Gateway Mall right off the I-5, do take the time to stop in and see Brutus in the Cabela's.

The food tables were groaning with this past year's hunting harvest, and as usual, it was all outstanding. The idea is to showcase local hunters young and old and how to sustainably harvest meat from the wild while remaining staunch stewards of the same. After Scotty's talk, the microphone was passed along to everyone who took their first game last season. Several daughters of local hunters got to tell their stories with their proud parents lending encouragement and support. One young lady, the little sister of another young lady with her first kill also, was about 8 years old and was too shy to tell her story so her dad told it for her. It's a wonderful tradition being passed along out here, father to daughter and son, and it's not just about making the kill. It's about woodcraft, caring for the environment and all the inhabitants of the wilderness hereabouts, knowing when to take the shot safely and when to pass, how to walk the trails of game in safety and watching out for your hunting partners. How to use as much of the kill as possible with as little waste as possible. Very valuable lessons for youngsters to learn early in life from teachers who also learned those same lessons at the same age.

There was also a gun/bow room set up with hunting guns and bows and other hunting equipment as well as mounts from local hunters. Dale had two tables, one with his prized Cooper and his first handmade, custom .243 as well as a table displaying his collection of 62A's from all different years. His buddy Steve had his tables full of his Ruger #1's in different calibres. There were tables of Indian artifacts from local Northwest tribes and a fully functional (including a live hornet!) tree stand.

It was a great evening full of friends and great food, and this year we had over 100 people - a new record! We always look forward to this once a year event, and maybe next year, instead of just bringing my locally famous beer bread, we'll have some game of our own to share.

Enjoy the slideshow!

Enjoying fine food and conversation, country-style

Trent and I converse with Marissa and Shane (out of sight to Marissa's right)

This is one of Scotty's more recent kills. This momma cougar had killed his daughter's prized 4-H goat and was trying to drag it over the fence, but when she saw Scotty, she decided that a big guy might be a better meal than a little goat. Her mistake, and her last one. She starred in last year's Feed, in a delectable lemon-pepper sauce

The food table, with Greg's wife Corinne making sure it's all perfect and ready for the hungry horde

Scotty (orange hat at podium) tells the rapt audience of the hunt that took down Brutus, the world record Rooseveldt elk. As you see, this wasn't a fancy dress ball out here

Dale and his buddy (another Rooseveldt elk) with his gun display. I think that's Denny with his back to the camera

The gun/bow room

Denny's bow display

Dale's 62A display

Steve stands with his display of Ruger #1's

Dale and his pal

The custom Cooper (rear) and Dale's handmade custom .243

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  1. Sure looked like lots of fun and I like the picture of Dale and his friend! Sure would like to attn one of these shin digs and just sit down and visit with the folks there. Only question I have is 'Where's the Aussies!'