Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Fine Day

Yesterday, magically and without any warning, we awoke after weeks of foggy grey frozen skies to this wonderful sight - blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Still frozen, yes. Packwalk went off at 29 degrees yesterday, 24 degrees today. But we did make it to 40 yesterday, first time into the 40's in weeks. Today, no, not quite, 37 was as far as it made it, but up here, we cherish days like yesterday and today like no one else on earth, due to their rarity this time of year. Yes, we're way behind (for us) on rain, with zero measurable precip in the past 19 days, not quite a record but close. But you won't hear anyone complaining. Not with skies that colour to look at all day long. Nope, no complaints here.

Looking north, towards Bellfountain Park, from the driveway. The trees, green grass and blue skies just stunning

The old red barn postively glows

Seemed like a good shot at the time. One of the ancient oaks by the dog run. It looked really a lot cooler than it turned out


  1. I bet if you play with the brightness/contrast on that old oak shot... or maybe convert to blk/wht. As soon as you have some free time, right?

  2. Yeah, tried many different things. Cropped larger, cropped smaller, sepia, B&W, fuzzed the edges, you name it, if there was a button on the full edit side of Adobe 7 I tried it. I think that when you can just stand there and look at it in real time and think what a great shot it would make, it never does live up to what you saw. But, it was fun playing with it!