Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For My SoCal Pals

See what you're missing?

The start of the morning packwalk. A bit brisk

His poor little frozen froggy heart is broken it appears

On Park Road, looking west towards Green Peak (out of sight to the right, behind the big stand of reprod Dougs), with the sun just starting to paint some of the trees

You think this shot is pretty cool, you should have seen it in real life! Looking south, that's Don's property with son Shorty's house there and Don's out-pasture feeding barn back in the pasture a bit

And it just got better and better, with the light streaming thru the trees

One of the calendulas, a tad frost-bitten

Looks more like a cactus here

When we got back from the packwalk, it was really starting to heat up out there

Sybil's inner puppy comes out. Playing with a hunk of ice from the water tank. Always a fun time, chunkin' ice out of 4 stock tanks, the dog tank and the barn critter's tank

The big silver barn with its ghostly entourage of trees

Furry rocks at the pasture gate

And the obligatory spider web shot

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  1. That is a crazy frost! I love the shot with the fuzzy rocks, way cool!