Thursday, November 17, 2011


Finally. The crown jewel in my Christmas tree harvest photo portfolio. The shots that have eluded me for 5 years in a row for various reasons. Today, I got an early gift, courtesy of Orin's chopper guy. They were finishing up the field from yesterday's post where Arrellano was cutting, and there it was. The chopper. Right there, I mean RIGHT there. Right on our walk route. Which, this morning for some reason, I decided to change and go down Foster to Dykstra instead. Which meant when I heard the chopper and figured out where they were, we hauled butt back up Foster to Dawson and down Dawson to Park, hoping to make it in time to get some shots. And I did! Gem the BC was totally freaked out by it - it was awful noisy, after all, and she's a dog of delicate constitution. Sybil was fascinated by it, watching it nearly land right in front of her nose, grab a load from the ground crew, and fly off across the field to the waiting pile in the drop zone. Hoke and Cricket were just bored I think by all the standing around.

Orin said they were harvesting 40,000 trees this year, their biggest harvest ever. Many of the trees flying thru the air this morning are headed to California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. They are gearing up for the big push next week, where they will probably be working nearly around the clock to finish up by Thanksgiving.

And yes, you're not seeing a trick persepctive by the camera - those highline wires ARE right there! You can't see it in the still pix, but they were swayin' in the breeze from the rotors. Remember to click on the first picture to start the slide show - you'll want to do that for sure!

Headed west on Dawson, just about a 1/4 mile from the Park Road turnoff where the chopper was working

Nice colour shot. If you look close, you can see the bundle of trees under the chopper

Going in for another load

Headed for the drop zone, where all the equipment is park on Park Road, our normal walk route

Nice shot!

And he's off again - less than 30 seconds from pick up to drop off to back to pick up zone

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