Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tree Harvest Ramps Up

The 2011 Christmas tree harvest is ramping up. The chopper was flying until well after dark last night, and that after another harvest chopper crashed just outside of Woodburn (south of Portland) the day prior. Orin and Jose are harvesting almost non-stop, with several different plots of trees going at the same time. Now, lest you think this wholesale slaughter of trees is a horrible thing, let me reassure you. By January, all the trees that went down will have been replaced by newly planted youngsters. At any time, you can drive past fields of trees and see everything from tiny young seedlings to ready to harvest mature oldsters and everything in between. So rest easy. What are removed are replaced and sometimes with more than were removed. Send your tree to the mulcher and it contributes yet more back to the earth. It's a good thing, that.

Trees from the field along Dawson Road lay waiting for their turn in the wrapper machine

The tree wrapper machine. They go in one end, are pulled thru and wrapped and come out the other, then stacked in piles. I didn't get a shot of the shaker plate at the rear of the wrapper (where the tree is going in). It's a small plate on the ground that shakes violently. The tree is stood on the plate while a worker rotates it, and the shaker plate knocks the loose needles and small creatures out of the tree before it's run thru the wrapper

The finished tree coming out of the other end of the wrapper, ready to be stacked in the pile

Arrellano cuts trees on the downwind leg of Park Road, headed towards Dawson, around Herb's Corner from where the tree wrapper guys are working

He fuels up his tree cutter. This is what your puny B&D weed whacker dreams of being some day. A monster designed by the Terminator's weird uncle, born of a combination of steroids, PCP and meth, utterly fearsome and capable of cutting down a large Christmas tree in seconds. I'm not messin' with it, that's for sure!

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