Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sister Act, Part I

It was time. The weanling girls had wandered into the working arena in the morning, so I figured what the heck, about time those spoiled baby bovines got some exercise other than eating and pooping. I shut the gate, and left them grazing peacefully all day, with no idea what was going to happen that afternoon. Dave arrived, and he and Sybil got started before Don arrived with Jan a bit later. The only time she was off lead for her first lesson on cows (totally, completely non-dog broke weanlings, 5-7 months old, and spoiled brats to boot, not the ideal to start with by any means) was when the D-ring on her collar parted ways with the leash. And yes, she got a little rowdy, chased a few heels, but when Dave called her off, she called off and that was a good thing. The rest of the lesson was on lead, and towards the end, the lead was loose in Dave's hands from time to time. She showed a lot of good stuff, like her mother she's more of a thinker and Dave guided her thinking to the right side. No doubt that yes, occasionally she'd fool Dave into thinking she was all nice and soft and happy to be where she was with the cows, then WHAM she'd give the lead a mighty yank as she went into full on puppy mode. Mostly he caught her before she did that, but a few times she got the best of him. It was a really good lesson for her first time on cows, and both Sybil and the three baby girls did a great job for none of them having done it before. She's going to be a lot of fun to work with cattle, just ask her sister Jan! Don't forget to click on the first pix for the slideshow, a neat feature that I'm finding I like a lot.

Sybil eyes up Liza the baby heifer

Whoops! A bit of puppy coming out, and the heifers react accordingly to their level of experience (none)

Oh yeah, there are cows and such in the pix. The dramatic sky kinda caught my attention there for a minute

Three bewildered heifers. Up to now, their entires lives consisted of eating, pooping, sleeping, walking to the water tanks, and then starting all over again

I want them I want them I want them I want them

PLEASE let me have them!

Dave might be pointing and telling her to get Joy (lead silver heifer), but Sybil's full attention is on Liza, the silver heifer with her ears pinned back going where she shouldn't be

Sybil eyes 'em up, keeping Hilda (black heifer) from choosing her own direction

Sybil eyes them into the fence (not literally, but you can see what I mean - no fences or gates were harmed in today's lessons)

Hilda again wants to be elsewhere but keeps finding a little red merle furball making her change her mind

And, Hilda gives in to Sybil and heads back to her BFF's

Nice, easy walk about, loose lead, Sybil doing her own rating but still keeping the flow going. She's picking up quickly on what Dave's teaching her about how to use what she already knows how to do at the right time and place

Liza just doesn't want to play, but it's Sybil's playground and Sybil's party, so when Sybils says 'Go back Liza', Liza learns to do as she's told

Tough for any dog, digging green young cows out of a corner. With Dave's help, Sybil brings them out quietly and calmly

Just like that

Just for the clouds. Nothing exciting going on otherwise

Quite a cool cloud formation, eh? Oh yeah, there's a young pup bringing some young heifers thru a gate too

Not allowing Hilda to turn back on her. Note the intense eye and loose lead

Liza better learn how to play with Sybil or bad things will eventually happen

Aren't those clouds something! Oh yeah, that Liza!

Again, nicely done, quiet and calm, not running weight off the stock, which is exactly the goal

Liza, Liza, Liza. When will you EVER learn! Love how Sybil is really eyeing her up here

Nicely done!

Watching sister Jan play with her cows

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