Friday, November 18, 2011

Last of the 'Maters

What else do ya do when it's kinda cold, rainy and snowy out in the middle of November? Well heck, ya can tomatoes, that's what ya do! The tomatoes I harvested just before the first freeze last month had almost all ripened, so it was time to can 'em up. Another 9 pints of organic heirloom tomatoes in the pantry, waiting for their turn to make a fine stew or soup even finer.

Washed and ready to rock

The few remaining not quite ripe and green 'maters. I put all those tomatoes from the post last month in boxes and baskets, single layers, separated by newspaper, and put them in the nice, cool, dark panty to ripen naturally off the vine. They do lose some of their vine-ripened sweetness, but are excellent for either roasting and freezing or canning for sauce, which is the route I went

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