Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Memorium

Morgan Rivers Jarrah Rosy Dawn


13 July 1999 - 29 November 2011

After a short illness, Jarrah crossed The Bridge last night, surrounded by her loving family of 12 years. Jarrah led a very full and wonderful life, and when the young couple who chose her started their family, Jarrah found her true purpose in life - watching over the two youngsters until the day she crossed The Bridge.

I know that Jarrah found the right family when Jazzee, Jarrah's mom, 'approved' of them from the very start, when they ran into Jazzee and I in a Home Depot parking lot.

She is greatly missed by everyone who ever knew her, and we grieve with her family.

Enjoy the photo album/slideshow - click on the first picture to begin.

A young Jarrah playing with Chan's nose

With grandma Morgan, Pony (aka Dingbat the Wonder Horse - still with us at 28) and Katrina

Really cute pix of Jarrah emulating Pony's gait, except for the tail of course

Taking a nap with Katrina

With Chan, pretending she's a jungle kitten

First time on cattle

That Jazzee 'stare 'em down' gene, strong as can be in daughter Jarrah. Did I mention this was her first time on cattle?

This will end badly - for the steer. And yes, he did turn around and didn't challenge her again

Skiing with the family

Showing the toy who's boss

Jarrah picked up on the agility tunnel from the day she went home with Katrina and Chan. Katrina said that almost from the first day, she could send Jarrah out the back door, thru the tunnel, and back to the door at top speed

Learning to pull the cart

Young Ellen in the driver's seat

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