Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ho Dog of the Fall

At some point, I'm going to take this shot with Dale's fancy camera instead of my 11 year old Canon Elph (which even at that age is a far better point and shoot camera than the 2 year old Nikon). Ho Dog at the north pasture gate with Bellfountain in the background on a very brisk, damp fall morning.

I know he's really fuzzy in this one, but he IS really fuzzy


  1. I love the way the light highlights his coat in the second one. What a glorious morning. And yes, take the shot with Dale's camera, it's gonna make a great framed print.

  2. Yeah, I really need to do that - this is just such a perfect backdrop and he poses so nicely (finally - after only 11 1/2 years) that it would be a shame not to get a print-quality version. Dale's back, the trees are still there, maybe today will be the day!