Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hank at a Year

Dale's finally getting the pix off his fancy camera. Unfortunately, I only have these of Hank from the reunion weekend in August at the moment, will have to get the rest from Dale at some point. But, at least I finally got the Hank pix up! Mark and the kids and pal Donn arrived late in the evening of the reunion, after everyone had gone already. It was quite a trip; from Alabama thru Oklahoma and up thru California, and it took a bit longer than expected, but they did arrive safe and more or less sound. And it was great to see Mark, meet Donn and see what Hank had turned into. A professional ear washer, according to Mark, that's his main job. Oh, that and harrassing gal pal Fussbudget to no end, and not believing her when she tells him she's had enough. I don't know if he'll ever learn, but maybe.

With no coat to speak of, he looks more like a shaved Springer Spaniel with that deepdeepdeep, dark, rich red and freckled front legs, but no Springer ever moved like him. We didn't have time to put him on sheep as the gang was leaving the next day for the air museum in McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Museum, but I'm guessin' he would have been just as talented at a year as he was at 5 weeks if not better.

Enjoy the pix and don't forget to click on them. They were taken with Dale's fancy Nikon, which is either a D70, D700 or D7000, whichever is the best of that group of 7's, so these are really good pix, unlike the ones normally appearing on this blog.

Hank and Mark start the posing party

Daddy Hoke, sister Sybil, momma Cricket, great uncle Ho Dog and Hank

Momma Cricket, great uncle Ho Dog and Hank

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