Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sybil Gets a Job

Remembering that she is still quite a puppy at all of 14 months old, and has had about 4 short training sessions with Dave, she is showing her talent off pretty well. But yes, she does still have those puppy moments, and times when she channels the bad habits of mom and/or dad. All in all, she's got a whole lot of potential on tap. Can't wait to get her on cows now that we have three weanlings about ready to start working.

With Dale working her. I'm still on the DL until next April. She shows her great rate and her momma's eye here. And no, the camerawoman is NOT drunk, just never really sure if the camera is level or not, trying to watch Sybil and the viewfinder at the same time

Making a nice turn, keeping the outside sheep in contact

Controlling the heads to slow the group down heading to the gate

Going to the outside to keep the sheep on the fenceline. Nice!

A little puppy coming out here but she'll fix it herself and put the sheep back on the fence

Rating beautifully. Dale doesn't have to nag her to stay back; that is what natural rate is, when the dog controls the flow herself

Again, coming out to slow the sheep a bit. Did I mention she's doing this on her own?

She likes the pace, so she's taking the pressure off the sheep to allow them to walk quietly. You've probably noticed the two big white wethers panting - that would be the two fat, out of shape wethers Michaud and Michael. No one else is even breathing hard

Another nice turn, on her own. You can see that even from where she's at, she's putting pressure on that little white lamb on the outside to pull himself back into the group

Oooooo, a little puppy coming out here! Gettin' kinda pushy, like her daddy Hoke!

Again, keeping the lead sheep's eye to keep the pace where she wants it

Just like the pix a few up from this one, stopping herself to allow the sheep to settle after going thru the gate behind them. In most green dogs, this situation would incite a chase

A nice, controlled pace using body position and eye to keep the group moving smoothly and together at a reasonable pace

Gotta love that natural rate in a young, green puppy

I love how she keeps tabs on her stock in a very non-threatening manner

And then again, sometimes you need to use a little muscle to back up that look, especially around the centre pen, which the sheep tend to try to use as a shield. Doesn't work with Sybil

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